The Pursuit of Abstraction
Opens October 7, 2016
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue
In the first half of the twentieth century, many artists experimented with new forms of expression that resisted a secular understanding of the world rooted in rationality and scientific reason. The Pursuit of Abstraction presents works of fine and decorative art that seek to re-enchant the modern age through spirituality and mystical experience, drawing on the holdings of The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Jeri L. Wolfson Collection, and The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection of Decorative and Propaganda Arts Promised Gift. #PursuitofAbstraction

Cinema Judaica: The Epic Cycle (1947-1971)
Continues through October 23, 2016
Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, 301 Washington Avenue
Hollywood films in the three decades after World War II portrayed 4,000 years of Jewish historical identity and, in some of the biggest box office hits of all times, transformed the image of the Jew from embattled to triumphant. Over one hundred flamboyant posters and bold advertising materials for films ranging from Samson and Delilah and Ben-Hur, to Judgment at Nuremberg and Fiddler on the Roof are featured.

An Image
Continues through December 18, 2016
ArtCenter/South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road
Curated by Domingo Castillo and Natalia Zuluaga. Miami is a place where past, present, and future have been rendered by the proliferation of images. Here, advertising and architectural renderings converge into imaginaries that fuel real estate speculation, class divides, racial inequality, false centers, and shadow economies. An Image, reflects on this process in order to reveal how the future and the past are re-calibrated by images in order to keep the present in a state of becoming. The title is borrowed from Harun Farocki's film under the same name and references an acute awareness of these image logics. As a result, the exhibition-in the shape of objects, lectures, screenings, printed material, and education platforms-highlights the inherent political project at the core of this observation. Each occurrence over the course of this program seeks to think about the ability of an image to mutate, supplant, or intersect with reality and scale its effects across a gamut of impact zones and temporalities.

Symmetry of Demolition
Continues through December 31, 2016
Art Deco Museum, 1001 Ocean Drive
Entry in to the Museum and Lecture is $5 (free MDPL members). The Art Deco Museum and the Exhibit is open daily from 10am - 5pm daily (Thursday's open until 7pm). Experience world famous artist Cheyco Leidmann's "Symmentry of Demolition". Cheyco Leidmann created this photography noir series 20 years ago capturing the dramatic Chiaroscuro of light and shadow. Leidmann portrays in a surreal manner the subjective decay of Miami's ever-changing architectural landscape. This black and white series depicts the crumbling Art Deco buildings of Miami Beach that dissolved, disappeared, or were remodeled in order to usher in an urban renewal. ]

Pastels and Preservation 
Continues through December 31, 2016
Art Deco Museum, 1001 Ocean Drive
Entry in to the Museum and Lecture is $5 (free MDPL members). The Art Deco Museum and the Exhibit is open daily from 10am - 5pm daily (Thursday's open until 7pm). The 2016 Official Art Deco Weekend Poster Artist Sergey Serebrennikov brings life to the Art Deco buildings with the use of pastel colors to capture and accentuate the glory of the buildings as they stand today in an exhibit titled, "Pastels and Preservation." His graphic art is reminiscent to the upbeat pastel color palette made famous by MDPL co-founder Leonard Horowitz, and tells the story of the revitalization of the area by the preservation movement. Serebrennikov's colorful art and architectural renderings capture each building in its splendor. 

MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida
Jewish Museum of Florida, 301 Washington Avenue
More than 500 photos and artifacts that depict the Jewish experience in Florida since 1763. The exhibit includes three films and a timeline wall of Jewish history.

Art & Design in the Modern Age: Selections from the Wolfsonian Collection
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave
$7 Non-Members, $5 Seniors/Students, Members free
The nearly 300 works on display, 1885 to 1945, provide insight into the ways design has influenced and adapted to the modern world including design-reform movements, architecture, urbanism, industrial design, transportation, world's fairs, advertising, political propaganda, and labor iconography.

Artcenter/South Florida Artists-In-Residence FREE
Artcenter/South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road
ArtCenter/South Florida (ACSF) welcomes visitors to the working studios of the Artists-in-Residence.