"Time and Materials" FREE
Continues through November 5, 2015
Miami Beach Urban Studios - 420 Lincoln Road, Suite 440 Main Gallery
Curated by Michael Namkung featuring: Nathalie Alfonso, AA.CM.FG, Ernesto Oroza, Frances Trombly, Odalis Valdivieso, and Agustina Woodgate. Time and Materials is a formula that helps one determine the value of one's labor: it is the cost of the materials and equipment required, plus a rate multiplied by the time it takes to complete the job. The exhibition examines the work of six South Florida artists who mix a language of drawing with labor-intensive processes that deconstruct, conflate, and transform ideas about both labor and drawing, and who propose new models through which we may consider the value of one's labor.

Orange Oratory
Opens November 6, 2016
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue
The history and spirit of South Florida lie at the heart of Orange Oratory, a glowing neon sculpture suspended within the museum's iconic Bridge Tender House in a visual reference to the fresh-squeezed orange juice served at its 1939 inauguration ceremony. Paired with a virtual exhibition and an artist's book designed by Richard Massey, the installation marks EXILE Books' residency in The Wolfsonian Shop, where the pop-up bookstore will be stationed this winter to celebrate all things "orange." Presented in partnership with EXILE Books founder Amanda Keeley.

Documenting Memory FREE
Continues through November, 8, 2015
ArtCenter/South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road
Documenting Memory acknowledges the notion of our memories as a definition to our personal history. It examines the boundaries of our limited ability to retain and contemplate and explores the complex phenomenon of how our minds choose to remember certain ideas and forget others. The exhibition explores how artists living and working in El Salvador deal with retaining memory and commemorating loss from personal experiences that have been intertwined with the weight of social, collective and traditional impressions. Including video, photographs and installation by three of the country“s most renowned mid-career artists, this exhibition additionally integrates forms of documenting remembrances that speak of the dynamic and shifting landscape of memory.

Mark Podwal: All This Has Come Upon Us....*
Opens November 10, 2015
Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, 301 Washington Avenue
The artist, author and illustrator is best known for his drawings on The New York Times OP-ED page. The exhibition features Podwal's drawings and paintings of historical threats of antisemitism, combined with verses from the Book of Psalms. With so many recent incidents of antisemitic acts throughout Europe and the U.S., and even right here in Florida, the topic has never been so relevant. The exhibition will be on view through March 13, 2016. 

Photo 51: Is Corruption in Russia's DNA? Photography by Misha Friedman FREE
Continues through November 13, 2015
Miami Beach Urban Studios - 420Lincoln Road, Suite 440
There's a joke Russians tell: "The city is great, it's just that this neighborhood is bad." My aim for this work is start a conversation about why this is funny. How is it that Russians think themselves exempt from the problem of corruption, with everything being government's fault? One way of talking about it is with pictures; I think of Photo 51, the breakthrough X-ray diffraction image shot in 1952 that provided researchers with a way to model the structure of DNA. To me, Photo51 signals photography's power to draw out what is latent and make it visible. I want to employ this power and begin to identify corruption's warping effect on Russian society's DNA.

Margin of Error
Opens November 13, 2015 
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue
MIND THE GAP! Dangers, safety issues, and accidental injuries of the modern age lie at the heart of Margin of Error, The Wolfsonian's upcoming exhibition focusing on the slips of caution that result when we reach too far and fall too short. Opening November 13, Margin of Error pulls back the curtain on Industrial Revolution-era and turn-of-the-20th-century mishaps, from the mundane risks of the newly mechanized workplace to dramatic catastrophes such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Titanic sinking, and Hindenburg explosion-infamous precursors to the train crashes, oil spills, and airbag recalls of today. Among the more than 200 examples of graphic, propaganda, and decorative art are: colorful Czech posters warning of slicing off hands and arms in the factory; quirky Italian postcards depicting workers slipping on a slick surface beside the ominous caption "hospital on the horizon"; and an eye-popping German work with an electric shock boldly bisecting the human form. Exhibition continues through May 8, 2016.

Rachel Harrison: Voyage of the Beagle Two FREE
Continues through November 15, 2015
bassX, Miami Beach Library, 227 22 Street
On October 13, The Bass Museum of Art will inaugurate bassX, a series of artist projects presented in their new pop-up gallery space in the Miami Beach Library.  The first project is an intriguing photo series by Rachel Harrison, one of the most influential artists of her generation.  Rachel Harrison's Voyage of the Beagle is a study of modern-day 'menhirs', the prehistoric standing stones that represent the oldest figurative sculptures on earth. The artist initiated this project in 2006 during a trip to Corsica when she discovered contemporary menhirs in sources as diverse as pop culture, nature, and even sculptures by other artists. Voyage of the Beagle, Two is the second of the series, which came about during a return trip in 2008.

Promoting the Good Life: Recent Acquisitions
Continues through November 15, 2015
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue
With the advent of mass consumerism, modern advertising emerged to market not only goods, but the good life. As advanced printing processes made it easier and less expensive to reproduce images, street posters, catalog advertisements, and trade fairs turned bystanders into buyers. The promotional materials in this installation, generously donated by Jill and Avram Glazer, promised a leisure lifestyle through a range of graphic strategies developed by the advertising industry in the beginning of the twentieth century. From direct representation to distinctive typography, the fundamentals of branding on view here-perhaps taken for granted now, though revolutionary at their time-shaped the rise of the mass consumer market as we recognize it today.

"Accidental Architect: Robert Motherwell, Pierre Chareau and The Quonset House of 1947" FREE
Opens November 16, 2015
Miami Beach Urban Studios - 420Lincoln Road, Suite 440 
The exhibition is focused on an experimental, Quonset-style house that Pierre Chareau designed in collaboration with the artist Robert Motherwell in East Hampton, NY in 1947. For 64-year-old Chareau (architect of the famous Maison de Verre in Paris), the house was a final improvisation before his death in 1950. For 32-year-old Motherwell, it marked the beginning of his career as a leading member of the Abstract Expressionists. (Motherwell painted some of his most important works at the house, including the first of his Spanish Elegy series.) But it wasn't just the architecture and art that made this house such a significant cultural landmark. It was also a collaborative petrie dish of sorts where new ideas were cross-pollinated and many seminal figures passed through, leaving their mark including: Jackson Pollock, Mies Van der Rohe, Mark Rothko, Frederick Kiesler, Samuel Beckett, Harold Rosenberg, John Cage, and many others. Accidental Architect features photographs by the noted architectural photographer Judith Turner. There are also photographs by Curator Alastair Gordon; archival drawings and a scale model by Harry & Eliot Fishman; vintage documentary footage by Michael Blckwood; ephemeral material from the Motherwell family collection; and a series of 3-d sectional studies by Prof. Henry Rueda and FIU design students. Exhibition continues through Friday, January 22, 2016 

Architecture in Resonance with the Cosmos - Oculi Sound Chamber FREE
Opens November 19, 2015
Miami Beach Urban Studios - 420Lincoln Road, Suite 440
Research and earth dwelling project by Simon Koumijan III The Cosmo is typically considered far above Earth, away from our everyday experiences. This exhibition intends to convey the architecture and resonance of the cosmos on Earth. The ideas behind this exhibition arose out of (a) efforts to enhance human experiences in resonance with the vibrations of sound, light, and the ambience of the cosmos; (b) the research of compression-only masonry vaulting building techniques to find new expressive structural form; and (c) ambitions to bridge ancient Native American and contemporary cultures, specifically how these ancient cultures interpreted their place on Earth into cosmological dwelling expressions. Exhibition continues through Friday, January 22, 2016.

Inventory / Inventario FREE
Continues through November 18, 2015
ArtCenter/SouthFlorida, 924 Lincoln Road
Inventory / Inventario by Walterio Iraheta comprises 300 individual images of product bottles and domestic objects including shoes, toys, tools, clothing and more, caringly photographed as if each were a portrait. An image reads as a personal narrative inviting close inspection, so that the shape of an object, its color, texture, size and capacity is amplified. However when viewed as part of the installation, the image narratives meld and juxtapose, playing off each other to show their vast magnitude of time and functional design varieties. On the one hand, through research, documentation and a poetic presentation, Iraheta is on a quest for self-definition seeking identity from the collection of objects he has lovingly accumulated, and on the other, the objects are trapped in a predicament of uselessness and ultimate waste. As such, Inventory / Inventario is both a document revealing a magnitude of memories-personal memories and memories of social and cultural moments-and a metaphor for certain loss.

PURE SPACE: Public Space Transformation in Latin American Slums FREE
Continues through November 26, 2015
Miami Beach Urban Studios - 420Lincoln Road, Suite 440
PURE SPACE: public space transformation in Latin American slums includes 21 projects located in informal settlements within the cities of Lima, Medellin, Guayaquil, Valparaiso, Caracas and Rio de Janeiro. The projects presented here are innovative in the way that they have leveraged and consolidated public space, through their investment in larger urban or environmental concerns. These projects were not necessarily resolved with a primary concern for design considerations, at least in the most conventional sense of its use in professional work. Their merit instead lies in the fact that the projects were able to effectively justify an economic and community investment in public space, while responding to the implicit social challenges associated with their implementation.

Miami Beach: From Mangrove to Tourist Mecca
Continues through January 17, 2016
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue
The third and final installation in our library series celebrating the centennial of Miami Beach, Miami Beach: From Mangrove to Tourist Mecca documents the city's fledgling years. Sculpted by pioneering developers such as Carl Fisher, Miami Beach blossomed during the 1920s into a winter tourist hotspot catering to the wealthy elite. Photographic albums of "lost" hotels -the Nautilus, Flamingo, King Cole, and others- show how these self-contained luxury resorts lured the rich and famous south with regattas, elephant rides, and amenities such as tennis courts, golf courses, polo fields, private bungalows, and yacht docks.

Americans All: Race Relations in Depression-Era Murals
Continues through January 17, 2016
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue
During the 1930s, American artists covered the walls of public buildings all across the country with murals meant to showcase the nation's ideals and lift the country out of the Great Depression. Here at The Wolfsonian, preparatory painting, drawings, and mosaics for these murals (some ultimately realized, others never executed) reveal how artists reckoned with the nature of the United States as a racially diverse nation, reflecting the contentious and unsettled state of early twentieth-century race relations through their representations of blacks, whites, American Indians, and Asian immigrants-the melting pot of America.

MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida
Jewish Museum of Florida, 301 Washington Avenue
More than 500 photos and artifacts that depict the Jewish experience in Florida since 1763. The exhibit includes three films and a timeline wall of Jewish history.

Art & Design in the Modern Age: Selections from the Wolfsonian Collection
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave
$7 Non-Members, $5 Seniors/Students, Members free
The nearly 300 works on display, 1885 to 1945, provide insight into the ways design has influenced and adapted to the modern world including design-reform movements, architecture, urbanism, industrial design, transportation, world's fairs, advertising, political propaganda, and labor iconography.

Artcenter/South Florida Artists-In-Residence FREE
Artcenter/South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road
ArtCenter/South Florida (ACSF) welcomes visitors to the working studios of the Artists-in-Residence.